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Death Dragon Knights RPG


Death Dragon Knights RPG is a free rpg and it's also a offine rpg."I came from darkness.""The night beckons."Enjoy the pleasure of killing and redemption!Be a killing machine!Complete the Dragon quest with your heros!= 3 different heroes: Choose your play style from melee warriors to range mages= Epic singleplayer RPG campaign: continue your quest to save the world from the demons of the apocalypse in the dragon city.= Full controller support
Features:=Weapon & Equipment System: More than 20 kinds of weapons, such as dragon sword, hammer, bow, flail and so on. Each of them has their own attacking effect!
=Jewels Inlaying System: 10 types of jewels for you to inlay into weapons: EXP Jewels, Coin Jewel, HP Jewel, DEF Jewel, Magic-ATK Jewel, and so on. You can inlay the jewels freely and enjoy the pleasure from the jewels!
=Demon Dragon Door: There is a secret room in each stage of the game, and the room door is locked with demon dragons. You have to find the demon key to open the door, and the BOSS monster dragon has controll the demon key.Open Demon Dragon Door to collect treasures!
=Defend your Dragon Fortress with 13 different types of equipments that can be upgraded all the way up to the ultimate artifact.
=Want to start a Dragon Tribe with friends? Good, you should. You can help each other by speeding up upgrades and boosting production of Gold. Get awesome Dragon stuff faster.
This is the one RPG you should never miss!Most important of allThis game features no IAP contents!It's all free!